Mogra An Exqusite Botuique

In the heart of Bangalore  city, amidst all the pandemonium, lies Mogra. Conceptualized in 2003 by entrepreneur Pratibha Modi, Mogra is  an exqusite botuique that brings wearable fashion from the depths of Kolkata,Mumbai,Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai. A life-long dream, it was but natural for Pratibha Modi to pursue this endevour. Creatively inclined, an for eye design and a taste for music, Mogra is an amalgamation of all these talents put together.

Right from her childhood, Pratibha has had a soft corner for the arts. Having completed her MSC in Botany, she initally only experimented with gardening. Always lending her expertise, she gave her all when it came to nurturing her flowers and designing her own patio. It did not stop here, she also took music classes reguarly to keep her passion going. This artistry proved helpful when she helped her children with their assignments. Imaginative and sharp she always added an edge to their assigments, inspiring them to constantly think out of the box.

When one thinks of Pratibha Modi, you would say she always had a good sense of style. Her home, her clothing, her children and her store all reflect her sense of elegance, charm and grandeur.  Mogra was inspired by the “Indian Jasmine”, that which symbolizes hope, grace, elegance and sensuality.  Pratibha brings together artists and designs from all over India to suit the taste buds  of the style seekers of Bangalore. Pratibha believes that Mogra is celebration of all things truly Indian.

Housing some of the best known fashion designers in the country, Mogra signifies aesthetic beauty that is luxurious and gorgeous. Tucked away from the bustling city, in one of the most premium properties in the city, Mogra was conceptualized by entrepreneur Pratibha Modi in 2003.The store brings wearable fashion from the depths of Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmadabad and Chennai via an assorted mix of seasoned and new designers. Like its namesake, Mogra adds that special touch of beauty spreading the soothing scent of happiness and bliss throughout you at the joy of discovering magnificent and exclusive designs.

The expanse of the boutique is designed to delight your senses and wow your tastes with its eclectic mix of ethnic and contemporary designer collections uniquely suited to the Indian and international customers tastes and design sensibilities. The warm color tones along with a welcoming ambiance merged with a touch of tradition give a sense of unhurried luxury to the style aficionados in Bangalore. Catering to men, women and children, Mogra puts together an affordable delectable palette of diverse assortment of attires so that you can find your own individual signature style effortlessly amongst it. 

Borrowing from the crafts of centuries, Mogra brings to you an array of talented designer labels which include Anju Modi, Karuna Khaitan, Aametrine, Saanchi . Men’s and Kids wear by Urmila and Mayank Modi to name a few. Team the beautiful collections with attractive designer accessories including bags and footwear by Aprajita Thoor and jewelry by Tad.